Apple unveils new iMac, iPad Pro, Apple TV 4K and AirTag

By Reilly Smith / April 20, 2021

Apple released five new products at a special event Tuesday morning. The new products include a fully-redesigned 24” iMac, featuring Apple’s latest M1 ARM-based processor, a 4.5K display and a starting price of $1,249 for students. The new 24-inch iMac is available in up to six colors — blue, green, red, silver, yellow, orange and…

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Stem panel has great chemistry

By Clackamas Print / October 23, 2019

Story by Andrew Griffin On October 16, a STEM Panel was held by Intel to help give Clackamas Community College students tips on starting their careers in the tech industry. What Is STEM? Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Each of the panel members specialized in a different field and had their own wide range of…

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STEM Club: A world of science to explore

By Clackamas Print / March 6, 2018

By Jonathan Sanchez The Clackamas Print The STEM club is hoping to captivate and bring the minds of students both young and old into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by providing a welcoming community to share and learn about STEM. “This [STEM] provides a community of like-minded individuals who can collaborate…

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Protests don’t stop panel with James Damore at Portland State University

By Autumn Berend / February 21, 2018

UPDATED: Corrected Peter Boghossian’s job title from “Associate” to “Assistant” per PSU records and other grammatical mistakes as well as clarification for minute edits with Dr. Tory Blackwell. The Clackamas Print did speak with Heather Clark directly in a private message on Facebook. It was not ripped from her Facebook wall. “Hecklers” changed to “protesters.”…

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Human workers becoming obsolete

By Autumn Berend / January 31, 2017

CAN TECHNOLOGY REPLACE PEOPLE IN THE WORKPLACE? Story and photo by Collin Berend As college students, many of us have worked a job, either in the past or currently, some more than others. Faculty members have likely worked previous jobs as well. But all of these positions are at potential risk. It’s the year 2017,…

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