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The Print brings home 15 awards

By Clackamas Print / April 30, 2019

Story by Lilly Farris Dateline: the 26 of April, 2019. A high-spirited group of plucky youngsters from our very own Clackamas Community College made their way to Linn-Benton Community College for the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association Collegiate Day and awards ceremony — a big celebratory hullabaloo to cap off a great year of excellence in…

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After 10 years The 69 Eyes return to Portland

By Victoria Drews / April 30, 2019

Black leather and metal glinted in the sun as we circled the venue a fourth time looking for parking; the modest line leaned against the brick facade of the building and some stepped aside to smoke – this show was one we had all waited 10 years to see. “Did I leave my cheese stick…

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The Print attends National College Media Convention in New York City

By Victoria Drews / March 12, 2019

The window next to me smelt vaguely of spoiled milk as I stared across the tarmac at the landscape. The mountains lay far away, though cloaked with Oregon’s signature pine trees, they seemed to smoothly undulate above me. Soon, I’d be higher still than them, crossing the country in a mere six and-a-half hours to…

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Clackamas Community College student spearheads suicide outreach program

By Victoria Drews / November 27, 2018

Michael Doust, “Mike” for short, is a Clackamas Community College student, veteran, business owner, former union pipe welder and engineer, and a suicide survivor. After an uphill battle reached its climax when he attempted suicide in 2010, Mike has sought to blaze a path to inform and empower others to aid those in need and…

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College goes corporate

By Clackamas Print / October 16, 2018

To new students, the changes to the campus bookstore are not even changes – the way the bookstore looks now is the only way they know the bookstore to be. Students who’ve been on campus before this fall remember Weiner Wednesday, $1 coffee and cheap snacks and they’re lamenting the loss of one of the…

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“Compose” your thoughts

By Victoria Drews / May 22, 2018

Roger Rook rooms 204-209 as well as McLoughlin 121 hosted Clackamas Community College’s annual writing event “Compose” last Saturday. Beginning at 8:45 a.m., light snacks and water were served for participants as they gathered for a full days’ worth of workshops on “fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics, publishing, and more,” according to Workshops began at…

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Tuition increases

By Jeanette Wright / April 13, 2018

Clackamas Community College increases Fall 2018 tuition $7 per credit hour from $93 to $100

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Tax season arrives

By Clackamas Print / February 27, 2018

EXPLORING RESOURCES STUDENTS USE WHILE PREPARING THEIR TAXES By Victoria Durling Associate copy editor Who wants to do work when someone else can do it for you? According to a Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce study in 2015, around 70 percent of college students are also working jobs outside school. With hectic…

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A stitch in time to save veterans’ lives

By Clackamas Print / February 21, 2018

By Victoria Durling The blinding sun shone over Canby as the Stitch Together party was underway. The event attracted volunteers to help make blankets for the Blankets for Veterans project. Organized and hosted by Sandra Breuer and Erin Roff, the event took place in the community room at Cascade Pizza Co., which is next to…

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Health Care 101: How much do you know?

By Clackamas Print / January 30, 2018

By Jared Preble The Clackamas Print As of Jan. 24, Measure 101 has taken effect with a large margin of those in favor. For some, they can kick back and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their health care is covered for the next few years. For others, a headache brews in preparation for…

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