Vol 48- Issue 11

Tuition rally seeks CCC representation

By Megan McCoy / February 4, 2015

As many students have probably noticed, the cost of tuition has risen over the past few years and is continuing to go up. These growing prices are frustrating and for some it can even mean not being able to afford going to school anymore. Fortunately, there is something that can be done about it. The…

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Welding instructor receives shock

By Maddy Kays / February 4, 2015

W elding instructor Sue Caldera was shocked on campus on Jan. 20, from faulty equipment in a campus classroom. Campus officials would not provide details on the incident. “On Jan. 20, a welding teacher received a non-threatening shock while operating a hand held plasma cutter,” said Janet Paulson, spokeswoman for the college. “Since then the plasma…

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Cougars off to good start, ready for strong finish

By Jack Spencer / February 4, 2015

It’s mid-season, Cougar fans, and excitement is in the air. The men’s and women’s basketball teams are now at the halfway point in Southern League play and the race is on to make it to the tournament. With the men coming in at a record of 5-2 and the women at 3-3, both teams are…

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Athletes from all corners of the country commit to CCC

By Clackamas Print / February 4, 2015

To most students who spend a lot of time in Oregon City, it seems unfathomable for someone to move hundreds — or even thousands — of miles to attend school here at Clackamas Community College. However, of the current winter sports teams, more than half of the players are from out of state. It’s not…

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Through the woods

By Maddy Kays / February 3, 2015

I am an asthmatic, and it would really benefit me to remember that when I agree to participate in physical activity with other people. Of course this didn’t occur to me when I agreed to go hiking in the Columbia River Gorge with some friends on Sunday, Jan. 25. If you, like me, do not…

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