Vol 48- Issue 13

Play based on hate and crime gets set to premier

By Cassidy Scott / February 17, 2015

Director James Eikrem, in his eighth production at Clackamas Community College, is bringing the story of Matthew Shepard to the Osterman theater stage in the winter term production, ‘The Laramie Project.’ The Laramie Project, based on the 1998 murder of homosexual college student Matthew Shepard, brings a darker and more mature theme to the CCC…

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Clackamas Cougars wrestling conquers West Region again

By Clackamas Print / February 17, 2015

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: the Clackamas Cougars wrestling team has won the West Region championship. For the second year in a row, and four out of the past five years, the Cougars have conquered the West Region. It’s the team’s second back-to-back championship – the team also won the NWAC National Dual…

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Students don’t fear the reefer

By Brandon Minnis / February 17, 2015

Grass, ganja, bud, cheeba, chronic, pot, reefer; no matter what name you give it, marijuana is coming to Oregon in a higher way this July. Thanks to the passing of Measure 91 back in November, recreational marijuana use will be legal for Oregon residents over the age of 21. With this paradigm shift on the…

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College alumni makes music with local artist

By Nathan Woosley / February 17, 2015

When was the last time an artist surprised you? Like really surprised you? Think for a moment how many artists that manage to mix and mingle seemingly odd bedfellow genres successfully. Now consider how many of those artists are local. There are only a few. Pink Martini comes to mind. As it turns out, one…

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Cougars rally to freeze tuition

By Megan McCoy / February 17, 2015

“Ain’t no power like the power of students because the power of students don’t stop.” Chanted many students from all over Oregon on Feb. 12 at the state Capitol for the freeze tuition rally. Paying for school is a constant battle that never seems to end for many students. The thought of tuition costs going…

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