Vol 48 – Issue 14

College officials say free tuition good idea, unlikely

By Nathan Woosley / February 24, 2015

College is expensive. Tuition costs continue to rise and many students are burdened with mountains of debt. What if community college was free though? Paid for by taxpayers the same as high school. If federal and state lawmakers are successful, it could be the new reality. Recently at the State of the Union address, President…

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Coaches balance basketball and family life

By Jack Spencer / February 24, 2015

Family and a basketball team, two of the most difficult groups of people we may ever come across. Neither can work without good chemistry and teamwork. What would happen if these two groups collided? Would it be an advantage having such strong chemistry before you even hit the court? Here at Clackamas Community College we…

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Are you ready for some wrestling?

By Brandon Minnis / February 24, 2015

“When your body says, ‘Screw you,’ you say, ‘Screw you’ back!” These are the words of encouragement Coach Josh Rhoden bellows at his athletes during the conditioning circuit of wrestling practice. Despite putting on performances they weren’t entirely happy with at the West Region Championship tournament, all 10 of the Cougar wrestlers qualified for the…

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Pinchin’ pennies with student discounts

By Amber Fairbanks / February 24, 2015

Being a college student is tough, especially financially. From buying ridiculously expensive books that you barely use to eating ramen for dinner every night due to sky-rocketing tuition, we could use a helping hand every now and then. Lucky for us, many places understand the college life struggle. I asked Portland Community College student Daphne…

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Want to graduate? First you must petition.

By Marissa Nwerem / February 24, 2015

Petitioning to graduate is your way to let the school know you’ve taken the classes for your degree and are ready to graduate. If you don’t petition, you don’t graduate. Once you turn in your petition, it allows department chairs, deans of each division, and evaluators to make sure that you’ve met all school requirements…

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