Vol 48 – Issue 17

Couch potato athletics

By Jack Spencer / April 22, 2015

Gamers enter into the sports category with new media wave called “e-sports” No longer will the world of professional competition be dominated by the physically gifted, athletic type. It’s time to make way for the people who don’t compete on a field or in a gym, but those who compete in the comfort of their…

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Trail Blazers prepare for the Memphis BBQ

By Zak Laster / April 22, 2015

by Zak Laster Finally! The Blazers season stumbles to a close and now, it’s time for playoffs! This time last year, there was excitement and optimism because the Blazers had a strong starting five, with nearly everyone hitting their stride at the right time. The same cannot be said for this year’s team, as they…

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CCC all in on new director

By Cassidy Scott / April 22, 2015

From Las Vegas to Oregon City, Bobby Smith finds his new home as Director of Campus Safety After six months of searching, one failed search and four final candidates, Bobby Smith has been hired as the new Director of Campus Safety. The process to hire Smith was “extensive,” Bob Cochran, Director of Campus Services, explained. After…

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Dressed to depress

By Katie Archer / April 22, 2015

Since their existence, men and women have always driven the other sex crazy. Sometimes good, other times not so good. Fashion is one that could fall under both categories. Even here at Clackamas Community College, both girls and guys have their fashion pet peeves about the other sex. Guys, want some fashion tips from girls…

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