Vol 48 – Issue 8

State finds CCC’s locker rooms promote inequality

By Auriana Cook / December 5, 2014

Female athletes at Clackamas Community College have worse facilities than their male peers, according to a review by the Oregon Department of Education. The ODE recommended that CCC “provide comparable facilities for both women’s and men’s locker and team rooms,” but it’s been two years since the review took place and nothing has changed. CCC…

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Vegetarians balk (bok bok) at eating turkey

By Amber Fairbanks / December 5, 2014

Being a vegetarian is hard, especially during the holidays. With everyone having a turkey on their table on  Thanksgiving, or ham on Christmas or maybe another turkey (the turkeys just can’t win, can they?), there are dead animals on plates everywhere. What is a vegetarian/vegan to eat while everyone else is gobbling (get it? gobbling) down their food? During…

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New Multicultural Center welcomes students, staff and diversity

By Megan McCoy / December 5, 2014

The Multicultural Center grand opening was held on Nov. 25 in the fireside lounge where the Associated Student Government offered a variety of snacks and drinks from different cultures to students in celebration of their new department. According to the multicultural ambassador Candice Stauffer, the Multicultural Center is a place where students can have a private place to pray, study…

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Opinion: new logos lack originality

By Erin Carey / December 5, 2014

Just like any company, the face of a post-secondary school needs to encompass the ideals of its community and its goals for the students who attend there. While most wouldn’t hold the brand of a community college in high regard, those who attend it do. Clackamas Community College is going through a rebrand, to take place…

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