Vol 48- Issue 9

Cape One art stirs things up

By Andrew Koczian / January 26, 2015

ALL PHOTOS BY ANDREW KOCZIAN  Artist Cape One has taken the Niemeyer building by storm, with a full exhibit of his work on display, and in the hallways as well.  

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Physical education classes can’t compete

By Cassidy Scott / January 20, 2015

With winter registration wrapped up, it is becoming obvious that one-credit PE classes are not filling up the way they used to. “This year has been tough for everybody, not just my classes but a lot of PE classes,” Karon Allen, aerobics teacher, said. “I used to have 50 in a class and then it…

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Cougars ready to pounce on rival Saints

By Jack Spencer / January 20, 2015

With only 16 miles separating the Clackamas Cougars and the Mt. Hood Saints, a buzz surrounds this rivalry game. However, don’t let the short distance fool you; with the game approaching Jan. 28, the bad blood between the schools runs much deeper than geography. “Cage the Cougar,” is a phrase CCC assistant coach Brian Stamme…

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Planning for bond money use begins

By Maddy Kays / January 20, 2015

On Nov. 5 2014, Clackamas county voted yes for a $90 million bond that will  finance updates many are left wondering: what exactly is going to be done with that large sum of money? The Clackamas Print sat down with Dean of Campus Services, Bob Cochran, to get more information on the school’s next steps.  The Clackamas Print: What…

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Controversy in Niemeyer

By Nathan Woosley / January 20, 2015

“This violates boundaries, and that’s part of the point,” music instructor Brian Rose said speaking on behalf of the recent controversial art piece created by street artist Cape One. The controversy surrounding the piece is based on those “violated boundaries,” not because of its subject matter or content, but due to the artist’s decision to allow paint to make its way on…

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