Vol 49 – Back to school issue

Desperate for discounts

By Shaylyn Struna / September 29, 2015

Being a college student can be tough, whether you’re a full-time student living at home or living on your own trying to hold down a job. On top of worrying about classes and homework, finances are a big stressor. A full-time student can expect to pay around $1,000 to $1,200 per term. And that’s just…

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Trio breathes new life into cafeteria

By Blake Swan / September 29, 2015

In the past food from the Cougar Café was like the fare of many other school cafeterias: students complained about it. In 2014, Clackamas Community College surveyed staff and students, who asked for better food on campus. Now due to a change in food service providers the Cougar Café has been revived. Over the summer…

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A night at the museum

By Matt Rowning / September 29, 2015

You’re in college, admit it: you’re excited that on Oct. 1 you’re going to walk into a dispensary in Portland and purchase marijuana. And after? There’s no need to stay home staring at the television like the stoners of yore. You’re a metropolitan living in America’s most progressive state! Seize the day/night and make a…

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How to connect on campus

By Megan McCoy / September 29, 2015

Roll out of bed, get ready for class, begin the commute out to Clackamas Community College, fight for a parking spot, trek to class, sit through a lecture, get the homework assignment and head back home. This is what the daily school schedule looks like for many students at CCC, and day after day, it…

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