Busy beekeepers pollinate college

By Jared Preble / February 4, 2020

Humans have been utilizing bees and their resources for thousands of years, with records going as far back as 15,000 years ago. They pollinate not only our flowers but our fruits and vegetables and they’re responsible for  pollinating one-sixth of our flowers worldwide. In a day and age where species are being wiped out left…

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CCC Automotive Department prepares to reveal $5.7 million dollar expansion

By Clackamas Print / January 28, 2020

Story by Jakob Kaiser Photo by Jordy Villagomez With the grand reveal of Clackamas Community College’s new automotive expansion right around the corner, we went in for a first-hand look at everything this incredible revamp has to offer for the program. First off, anyone who has taken part in any automotive courses here will know…

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Writers inspire others to compose

By Cassidy Scott / May 6, 2015

Clackamas Community College had the honor on May 2 to host the fifth annual writer’s workshop “Compose.” This year’s theme was “Storytelling Now.” Roughly 21 guest speakers travelled to speak at the event, from teachers at CCC like Kate Gray, Jaime Wood and Susan Pesznecker to Rafael Alvarez from Baltimore, Maryland. Although there were many…

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