From job transition to new safety developments, Tom Sonoff shares all

By Katie Skibba / May 19, 2021

Have you been curious what a college campus security office has been up to since the crowds at Clackamas Community College have been lower than ever? The Clackamas Print had the chance to catch up with the college’s head of security, Tom Sonoff, to find out how things have changed for him and what we…

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Interview with Peace Corps recruiter Mychal Castro

By Joseph Lohmolder / May 12, 2021

The Clackamas Print had the pleasure of meeting with Mychal Castro, a Peace Corps recruiter, over Zoom. Castro shared general information about the Peace Corps as well as his own unique experiences, serving in Costa Rica, participating in a pride event there, as well as his process of joining the organization.    The Clackamas Print How…

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Cougar athletic director discusses plan for sports in the near future

By Riley Buerk / March 1, 2021

Jim Martineau is in his 18th year as the women’s basketball coach at Clackamas Community College. He is the athletic director at Clackamas. In a year unlike any other, he has done his best to manage all sports and keep everyone as safe as possible.  The Clackamas Print: Have winter sports been practicing, or meeting…

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Farmers Markets have been impacted by the pandemic

By Lexie Cardens / December 22, 2020

We spoke with Joyce Hanes and Greg Valdivia at Northwest Organic Farms in Ridgefield, Washington about how the pandemic had impacted their sales and this was their response: The Clackamas Print: Has the pandemic impacted your income and your sales? Joyce Hanes: Yeah, and during the pandemic it was not as nice as it could’ve…

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A nurse’s perspective on dealing with COVID-19

By Brianna Hall / December 4, 2020

Inna Karpenko is a nurse at Miramont Pointe, a retirement home. We talked with her over the phone to see what it’s like being a nurse with COVID going on. The Clackamas Print: To start, how long have you been a nurse? Inna Karpenko: A year and a month. TCP: What types of things have…

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T-Rexes take over Canby

By Jonathan Villagomez / November 30, 2020

A herd of Tyrannosaurus rexes have taken Canby, OR residents by surprise, bringing a much needed distraction to a hectic 2020. They have appeared at the most well-known spots around Canby including the weekly Farmers market and the local Fred Meyer along with the Downtown area.  We interviewed the man behind the suits with his…

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College counselor offers advice for surviving the pandemic: give yourself a break, and maybe get a cat

By Adam Freeman / November 30, 2020

“Oh my god, the world is on fire!” Sawyer G Sheldon, graduate intern in Clackamas Community College’s  counseling department, shares insights on mental health from the unique perspective of being both a student and a counselor in a global pandemic. We sat down with her to discuss how to stay healthy during the pandemic.  The…

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Being a full-time artist during COVID-19

By Lexie Cardens / November 20, 2020

We interviewed Austin Robinson, a full-time successful artist and asked him how he has gotten through the pandemic and his home flooding. We chose to interview him for students that aspire to be a 9-5 artist. The Clackamas Print: When did you quit your 9-5 job and become a full time artist? Austin Robinson: I…

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What is it like to be a surgeon in 2020?

By Emma Peterson / November 20, 2020

We were able to interview Dr. Margaret Bower, a surgeon at Kaiser Permanente, about the lifestyle of a healthcare worker during a global pandemic. She has managed to build a successful career while balancing her life outside of work. She spends her time taking care of her dog, hanging out with childhood and work friends,…

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Two Clackamas High School teachers talk about teaching during COVID-19

By Joseph Lohmolder / November 16, 2020

Angela Shroufe and Cynthia Rochester are teachers at Clackamas High School. I met with them over Zoom to discuss the challenges that teachers are dealing with in the wake of COVID-19 and distance learning.  The Clackamas Print: Just to start off, what subjects do you teach and how many students are you currently teaching?  Cynthia Rochester:…

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