Health clinic is free, but service is priceless

By Evan Tichenor / February 23, 2024

  By Evan Tichenor Photo Editor Did you know Clackamas Community College is home to a free health clinic? Inside Clairmont Hall, on the Clackamas Community College campus,the Clackamas Free Clinic is devoted to helping people who have no health insurance or are underinsured.  If a patient is insured but can’t get an appointment with…

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College cyberattack recovery continues

By Gabriel Lucich / January 31, 2024

  College cyberattack recovery continues By Gabriel Lucich Managing Editor College administrators don’t believe “bad actors,” who led a cyber attack on the college,  got ahold of any critical data. On Monday, Jan. 29, college leadership held another Zoom conference to update staff and faculty about a hack that shut down college operations for days.…

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Cyber attack causes college to cancel classes

By Gabriel Lucich / January 21, 2024

Cyber attack closes college   By Gabriel Lucich Managing Editor It’s not often that the Oregon City Police Department, the State of Oregon, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security and private business converge on an event that impacted the staff and students of Clackamas Community College.  A cyber attack that began Jan. 18…

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A fresh take on Our Town

By Eva King / November 28, 2023

    By Eva King   The script for the play, “Our Town,” by Thornton Wilder, is extremely boring. Reading it was painful.  I had to stop reading during act two and take a nap. Bad as the script is, Clackamas Community College’s presentation of the classic gave it a breath of fresh air from…

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Cougars study abroad

By Ethan M. Rogers / November 14, 2023

By Ethan M. Rogers   Clackamas Community College students and some faculty traveled to France for the college’s summer 2023 study abroad program, experiencing life from another perspective. “What was mentioned? No air conditioning. Yep, nope, there’s no air conditioning. It was pretty hot,” said Ernesto Hernandez, chair of world languages department at CCC. Hernandez,…

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Community celebrates Native American culture with tribal elders

By Gabriella Vigil / October 23, 2023

By Gabriella Vigil Clackamas Community College hosted an Indigenous Peoples Day event on Oct. 8 at the John Inskeep Environmental Learning Center. People from all walks of life gathered around on a beautiful Sunday morning for delicious native food, music, storytelling and shopping.  A blessing was offered by Cheryle Kennedy, 75, Chairperson of the Tribes…

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Horticulture brings tea to the trees

By Clackamas Print / October 18, 2023

By Clackamas Print Staff Lead arboriculture instructor Jim Wentworth-Plato and administrative assistant Loretta Mills brought tea to the trees in the courtyard outside of the Pauling Center on Wednesday.  Students and staff stopped by their outdoor table to drink tea and talk about trees. “Trees are really beneficial to us as humans,” said Wentworth-Plato, who…

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The Clackamas Print is hiring for fall term

By Clackamas Print / June 13, 2023
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Jump into Astronomy with Mike Reitmajer

By Diego Garcia / June 13, 2023

After visiting the Haggart Observatory at CCC’s Environmental Learning Center, which boasts a 24-inch Newtonian reflector telescope, The Clackamas Print spoke with Mike Reitmajer, the outreach coordinator of Rose City Astronomers, a local amateur astronomy club, to learn more about him and his side passion of astronomy.  The Clackamas Print: Besides being a part of…

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‘He pointed it directly at me’: Jim Eikrem’s alleged use of firearms on campus unnerved staff member

By Joseph Lohmolder / June 13, 2023

As staff and students at Clackamas Community College await a decision to determine if former theater director Jim Eikrem will return to his position at CCC, further concerns have since come out about Eikrem’s use of firearms while he ran the CCC theater department. Haley Hurita, a department assistant for the theater, described an instance…

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